"That's an excellent question."

It’s one of my favorite — and most frequent — compliments. As a writer, I don’t pretend to have all the answers. But I have the expertise and experience to know who to talk to and where to hunt to get the facts, from the key details to the subtle nuances that bring the story to life.

My work appears in a variety of print and digital outlets, including national consumer magazines, trade magazines, custom publications, books and websites. I also have experience in educational publishing and have produced standards-based articles, web content, and classroom activities for children and teenagers.

Whether I’m writing for kids, academics, or someone in between, my specialty is translating tough topics into articles that entertain, educate and inspire. And I never miss a deadline.


I grew up collecting water beetles, playing with snakes, and slogging through swamps in southeastern Michigan. After a degree in biology and a regrettably thorough investigation of the mating habits of the yellow mealworm beetle, I realized I wasn’t meant for life in the lab. Switching gears, I went on to study journalism so I could share my love of scientific discovery with readers of all ages and backgrounds.

I live in Minneapolis with my husband and daughter—plus a dog, a cat, a catfish, and the world's cutest three-legged turtle.


M.A., Journalism

Science, Health, and Environmental Reporting Program

New York University

B.A., Biology

Kalamazoo College, Michigan